About us

At Onnu Biochar, we're on a mission to harness the incredible potential of biochar to create a greener and more sustainable future for the United Kingdom and beyond.

company mission

We are committed to advancing sustainable and regenerative agriculture. We emphasize innovation and sustainability in creating high-quality biochar products that improve soil health and plant growth. Our approach goes beyond manufacturing, as we collaborate with various environmental specialists to optimize biochar's use. Our mission is not just business success but fostering a greener, more sustainable world, with every biochar delivery bringing us closer to this goal.

our commitment

Onnu's commitment to environment restoration is reflected from our alignment with key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our work enhances agricultural productivity (SDG 2), improves water management (SDG 6), supports renewable energy through biochar production (SDG 7), fosters industry innovation (SDG 9), contributes to sustainable cities (SDG 11), promotes responsible consumption (SDG 12), combats climate change (SDG 13), and aids in ecosystem restoration (SDG 15), showcasing our dedication to a healthier planet.