At Onnu, we're passionate about creating biochar sustainably and efficiently. Our unique production process is designed with the environment in mind, from start to finish.

Efficient Drying Technology

These state-of-the-art units are specifically engineered to optimize the drying of organic material before it undergoes pyrolysis. This crucial step ensures that we can maintain high levels of efficiency throughout the production process. By precisely controlling the moisture content of the biomass, our dryers facilitate a more efficient and effective pyrolysis process, leading to a higher quality end product.

Sustainable Sourcing

We meticulously source our biomass from responsible and renewable sources, ensuring that our production process contributes to a circular economy.

Eco-Friendly Production

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every step. From reducing emissions to energy-efficient practices, we ensure our biochar production is as green as possible. At Onnu, we don't just make biochar; we do it with the planet in mind, ensuring our products are good for your soil and the environment.