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carbon hill

The Carbon Hill project in Welshpool, launched in 2021, employs advanced pyrolysis technology to turn green waste into high-quality biochar, converting around 400 tonnes yearly. This process not only effectively reduces greenhouse gas emissions by storing carbon but also improves soil quality. Carbon Hill serves as a prime example of how innovative technology can transform environmental challenges into sustainable opportunities, with ambitions to expand biochar production and applications in agriculture and land management, showcasing a commitment to tackling the climate crisis.

Onnu poultry hubs

Onnu's Poultry Hub in Herefordshire, UK will deliver all the benefits of biomass pyrolysis while addressing the acute ecological challenges faced by the region from poultry litter run-off polluting the River Wye.

The plant, the first of its kind, will produce high quality nutrient-rich biochar and act as a showcase to the poultry industry seeking to improve sustainability and mitigate the negative effects of poultry production.